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I care about people because I want everyone to age STRONG and mobile. When people ask what my goals are I respond, "to be a strong & fierce aging person". Vanity doesn't last forever, but being able to get up & downstairs or get out of a chair or play with your grandkids is real and a serious issue. If you can't get up on your own you are no longer an independent person. I want people to care about their longevity and get excited about becoming stronger as they age. There is nothing better than taking a 70+-year-old with Parkinson's from 5lb curls to 22.5lb curls and stepping up from a 1-inch board to a 12-inch board. I will give 100% of myself to every client because I want them to feel more confident & stronger doing daily activities.

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stacy jago

Stacy is the owner of The Sleeping Bear Bay Club and has been a personal trainer for 22 years. She moved from Los Angeles, CA to Traverse City in 2009 to be closer to her family in the U.P. As a trainer in Santa Monica, CA she was awarded trainer of the year in 2006 for her cutting-edge workouts, client retention rate, client goals achieved and dedication to continuing education.

Stacy was a 3 sport collegiate athlete, loves doing triathlons, trail running, paddle boarding, and loves taking her workouts and yoga practice outside of the gym and into nature. Her education is never-ending. She attends conferences and courses several times a year.

Educational Background:

TRX black level instructor

  • TRX Suspension Training
  • TRX Group Training level 1
  • TRX Group Training level 2
  • TRX Sports Medicine
  • TRX Functional Training
  • TRX Force Training
  • TRX Rip Training
  • TRX Group Rip Training
  • TRX Summit, Baltimore
  • TRX Summit, Austin
  • TRX for Yoga

personal training

  • E.D.U Fitness & Nutrition Diploma
  • International Sports Sciences Association, CPT
  • National College of Exercise Professionals, CPT
  • NCEP, Body Fat Loss Specialist
  • NCEP, Stretch Technician
  • Power Plate Certified
  • Mad Dogg Athletic Spinning Certified


  • 200HR RYT
  • TRX for Yoga
  • 30HR Yin Yoga











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